DevOps, Docker Enterprise, OpenShift. We know how to make your environment developer-friendly, flexible and stable. Need an environment that will allow it to scale your web-application or need a flexible CI/CD pipeline? Starting out with automation? Need advise on how to draft an Emergy Response Plan? We are here to help you. Both on a strategic level as well as hands-on in a freelance Expert role

IT Architecture

Datacenters, SDWAN, DNS anycast, Scaling your (web) application or adding a CDN. Consider migrating apps to the cloud? Do you know why your website is slow and how to fix it? You need to design a new data-center, from the choice of border-routers all the way up to the pizza-box server vendor selection. We know a thing or 2 about hosting, mail and project management.


IT Operations has a significant impact on the climate. We can help you cut the power usage in your datacenters, choose the right energy supplier and assist you in installing EV-chargers. But sustainability is about so much more than just energy consumption. A sustainable company cares about its team members and its shareholders as well. Don't worry; we won't tell you to buy a ping-pong table :)

Frank has been a tremendous help in our worldwide SDWAN project. His advice, perserverence and analytical mindset was strategic to the success of the project.

— A.J., CIO of a multinational manufacturing company

Meet the Expert

Frank Louwers

Senior Architect and Interim CIO

Frank is an IT Expert with business and management experience for over 18 years. He co-founded a Managed Linux hosting company, grew it from a part-time job to one of the top-5 hosting companies in the country, and successfully sold to a European hosting group.

As a technical expert, he has in-depth knowledge and experience in networking (WAN, Service Provider, Enterprise), Linux networking (web, dns, ...), Automation (Chef and Ansible), web-apps, etc.

He is a Professional Scrum Master, has introduced Agile techniques in several teams and trained agile coaches. He holds multiple industry certifications (e.g. RedHat Delivery Specialist OpenShift) and has followed ITIL foundations training.

Frank is passionate about innovations, tech-entrepreneurial companies and by things powered by wind, electricity and hard work.

Frank blogs (mostly in Dutch) at and can be found on Linked In.

Living in Belgium, Frank can travel to anywhere in Europe if needed.

Our work

Some of the things we've done before ...

Trained a government cybersecurity agency on PowerDNS: DNSSEC, RPZ, Lua-scripting and DDoS-defence techniques

Docker Enterprise recommendations for a large research facility.

Advisory Board of a start-up involving cryptography: interim-CTO and VC-relations

Datacenter redesign: from edge-routers over top-of-rack switches to datacenter-interconnects at a service provider.

Performance analysis and architecture redesign of a large web-application at a government organization.

Strategic advise to the CIO of a multinational in an SDWAN selection process.

Streamlining and kickstarting an ISO9001 quality management system for a software scale-up in Uganda (volunteer).

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